Port-Au-Prince, Haiti – On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, the world’s attention was riveted on the island nation of Haiti. The massive earthquake that brought unimaginable destruction to the people of Haiti was something that would not be quickly forgotten. For Pastor Ron Lewis and his team, the events in Haiti struck closer to home. There was a team from King’s Park International Church that had just departed for Haiti to minister at an orphanage there. These four women landed in Port-au-Prince just one hour before the earthquake struck. Rising to the occasion, these four courageous women, Linda Graham, Former Haitian Missionary Kellee Metty, Lisa Lewis, and Julia Zervos went to a nearby hospital to offer their assistance. In the midst of great suffering and tragedy, God used these women powerfully to heal the sick, comfort the broken-hearted, and spread God’s love in a tangible way. Recorded at King’s Park International Church on January 17, 2010, this Conversation with Ron Lewis is an unforgettable story of how God can use anyone if they are in the right place at the right time, tune in to this conversation. To donate towards Ron Lewis’ efforts to send aid to the nation of Haiti, go to Strategic Global Initiatives.