Today Lynette and I finally launched our video podcast, What Are You Thinking?.

Listeners can find the podcast on Spotify and Apple, while the video will be posted on YouTube as well as Alkarma TV (you can check out their app for viewing all shows).

We are deeply honored by the leaders of AlkarmaTV in giving us this platform to share our lives and the powerful stories of interviewees from around the world.

What are you thinking Podcast

AlkarmaTV has 14 satellites covering 98.8% of the world. Frankly, this is one of the most significant networks in the world. “Alkarma” is an Arabic word for “The Vine,” based on Jesus’ statement, “I am the Vine, you are the branches.” (John 15:5) This television network has impacted multiple millions of lives.

Season 1 launches Wednesday, February 28, and we’d love you to join us in this extraordinary podcast journey. Many of our friends have been waiting for this since we were invited to begin nearly 2 years ago.

There have been many trials along this path, but we are assured the enemy cannot spoil what we have endured to bring these life-giving stories to the world.

My sincere appreciation to all who have prayed, supported, and waited for this to launch. Thank you so much. This podcast is for you and some of the neediest around the world. May these episodes find their way into the homes and lives of those who need Truth to be set free.

To God be the glory.

Here’s the first podcast episode with Lynette and I telling the story of how we began, and our hopes for helping people Change Their Thoughts, and in turn Change Their Life.

This episode will not be broadcast on “AlkarmaTV” because it is a shorter abbreviated episode, but it is on Spotify, YouTube and Apple.

All episodes willbe available on our website after they are released, Please subscribe on the platform of your choosing.