This week, Jordan Lewis Missions (JLM) reached a milestone, drilling our 300th water pump in the arid regions of Pakistan. Since we started drilling water pumps, just 5 years ago, we have received so many deeply encouraging stories. We have tackled the crisis of water related diseases and also helped prevent the cruelty that comes when children and women are forced to walk miles to secure clean water.

Everywhere our teams went, we found people, tribes, villages and regions that have no safe water, no churches and almost always, no hope until our teams arrived. Here’s a micro documentary (5 min) that tells the story:

Although the gift of clean water is indeed a fabulous gift, there is one thing that’s even greater – the good news of Jesus and receiving Him into one’s life. It seems almost inconceivable but more than 7,000 house churches have been started and many were a direct result of these water pumps. I love the way Charisma magazine put it when they published this cover story: “The Gospel Follows the Water”.

The power of the gospel changes everything!

The response to these water pumps from the people of this nation has been extraordinary. “God’s kindness is meant to lead you to repentance” Romans 2:4 MSG. As we in kindness provide water pumps and evangelists follow-up with gospel presentations, many turn to Christ for salvation and water baptism, launching underground house churches. On average we see 3-5 house churches started for each water pump we install.

After each installation, we receive stories of the water pump’s impact on the community. Here’s a recent one from the 300th water pump:
“KB and his family, from the Marwadi tribe, were suffering from having dirty water, and asked our team to help them to provide clean water. As the team planted the water pump, they told them about Jesus and then showed them the Jesus movie. The gospel softened their hearts, and they put their full faith in Christ. KB said that he and his family were healed physically, as they no longer face diseases and sicknesses that come from dirty water. He and his family are enjoying a new life in Christ.

JLM sincerely appreciates the hundreds of people who have given resources for these water pumps. Pastors and Christian leaders have sent us their congratulations on the impact of this work.

Here’s one from Pastor Bil Cornelius of Church Unlimited, a very large church in South Texas.