Despite popular belief it is not a lifestyle. Being moral does not mean that you are a Christian or an have understanding of what Christianity is. It is also not love. People can be loving and do loving things without knowing much at all about Christianity. At its core, Christianity is the term describing one who is a follower of Christ. But it’s also a religion: a collection of beliefs and worldviews that relate humanity to an identity in God and to his Son, Jesus Christ. Christianity exists without followers, it exists without music, it exists without kind expressions in humanity. Christianity at its core, beyond the life altering relationship with God and Christ, is a set of truth claims about God, humanity, and the world. Getting to know these truths is not only inspirational, but also rational and transformational.

Ask yourself the following questions: “Can you explain and defend the existence of God or miracles? How about the deity of Christ? Do you believe Jesus is fully God and fully man? That’s considered a mystery but can you explain it? Could you explain two natures united in one person?  Can you discuss the Trinity with clarity? Why is the bodily resurrection of Christ important? You may know about Matt Chandler, and Joel Osteen, what do you know about Thomas Aquinas, Anselm or Augustine?”

When was the last time you investigated these topics personally? These are only some of the issues at the heart of Christianity. You may have a genuine faith in Christ by simply knowing that he died for your sins, but are you open to also having a life changing faith in Christ by knowing how His life impacts the world?

Growth of the Body of Christ and of Christ’s influence in the world is also at stake here. The following is a brief list of the advances that Christianity has brought civilization: sanctification of the human life, elevation of sexual morality, freedom and dignity for women, increases in charity and compassion, hospitals and health care, advances in education, labor and economic freedom dignified, dramatic improvements in science, liberty and justice reform, slavery abolished, art, architecture, music, and literature. All of these things have been started or seen their greatest advances under the Christian religion. However, we are often being told that Christianity is holding all of these back. Actually, it is not Christianity holding these things back, but Christians who know nothing of the religion they purport to follow.

I would like to invite you on a very basic 50-week journey called Pocket Theology to rediscover the basics of Christianity. I have published a series of 50 brief and basic online articles  that cover all of the basic and core tenets of the Christian religion and how they influence our thinking and the world around us. Together, we can see a true revival of Christianity in American hearts, minds, and souls. I hope you’ll join me in the journey so we can grow together in Christ.

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