What are you believing for in 2019? Other than pray, what will you do to take some steps forward in your faith?

After the week of emptying our stomachs and focusing on our faith of fasting, I have pondered what’s going to happen the rest of the year. We just studied about great faith, applauded others in Scripture and real life who have shown us great faith, but what will we do moving forward?

The mystery and tension of walking in faith is the process of becoming keenly aware that we desperately need God to do what we cannot. Our prayers lift us beyond our own ability to accomplish what we are asking. HOWEVER, simultaneously, Scripture clearly shows and teaches us that we do have a part to play.  As James 2:17 says, “So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.”
When we pray for more faith or something that’s beyond our reach, one of the next steps is moving toward the desired request. I’m reminded of the man who told me with starry eyes that he was going to win the lottery. He said that was where his faith was and he felt God told him he’d win. I honestly didn’t know what to say about that since I have a firm conviction not to mess with the lottery. So, having nothing encouraging to say, I curiously asked, “How many tickets did you buy?” He looked at me like a child who just got caught stealing a cookie and admitted, “None yet.” 
True faith is not passive. It’s not void of involvement. To see people healed, we need to go pray for the sick. To see people helped we can buy a few meals, invite someone into our home, or take someone out for a good time. There are countless ways to describe faith, but in essence, faith is a belief in action.
The only way Peter walked on the water was by getting out of the boat. Too many faith prayers are dying in our boats. If you want to walk on the water you have to get out of the boat.
So, what will I believe for in 2019? Everything I am praying over will most likely beckon my action. For one example, putting in 100 new water pumps in Pakistan will require effort, will be a risk and will depend ultimately on God. In my world view/ theology, it all fits together and is what God expects of me. 
So, what are you believing for in 2019? God is on the waters again, let’s get out of our boats of safety, sameness and security and go after Him. Where He is… that’s where the action is. Happy New Year!