The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the single event upon which the truth of Christianity hangs. This resurrection is historical, but also deeply personal. For 30 years, especially on Easter Sundays, I have preached on the truth of that awesome event and how anyone can be changed forever. Recently I have been overwhelmed by the evidence of this historically verifiable fact and personally that God’s Son loves me enough to die and rise again to rescue me from my sin and shame. Join me as we walk through the power and reality of the resurrection: May it be as real to you today as it was to the disciples 2,000 years ago!

The image above is the photographic negative of the face on the Shroud of Turin. Normally, image inversion places the shadows in the wrong spots on the photographic negative, but with the shroud face, it places them in the right spots. This in and of itself is inexplicable and some say, miraculous. Additionally, you can see the blood stains from the crown of thorns wounds, the outdent of the phylactery in the middle of the forehead, the swollen cheek, the dislocated nose, and the part of the beard that was pulled out. Mary and Dr. Alan Whanger (Medical Doctor and retired Professor at Duke University) and Dr. Tom D’Muhala (Nuclear Physicist and original member of the STURP/1978) have educated me on the veracity of the Shroud, that it’s neither a myth or forgery, but belonged to Jesus of Nazareth. I mention this in the message without making this the focus.