The answer is, one bite (house church, coffee shop gathering, neighborhood, apartment) at a time!

Our strategic training for starting gospel movements among “house” and micro churches in NYC is unlike any other. With this training and methodology, you don’t need funding, buildings, or a pastor. It’s all about developing a gospel movement in the city by reaching as few as three.

Join us Wednesday through Friday, March 16-18, 10am to 6pm, for House Church Planting Training with Pastor-Missiologist Sam Douglass at the Every Nation NYC Center, 414 West 51st Street, New York, NY.

Sam has been a catalyst for evangelism, discipleship and church growth in more than fifty nations. Ron Lewis has utilized Sam’s skill in nations where Christ was mostly unknown and the impact was significant and growth in disciples has continued years later.

Sam is a kind and gracious man and a spiritual father to many young disciples around the world. He’s an extraordinary trainer for leaders, entrepreneurs, missionaries and church planters Sam makes a profound difference wherever he goes. NYC will be helped by his teaching and results will be measurable.

For those who participate in this training, they will be certified to teach others, and will have unlimited access to the material (you’re given a password and can print and reproduce the manuals). 

Register here. Email [email protected] for scholarship info if needed.