Jordan Lewis Missions

Jordan Lewis Missions (JLM) was established to honor the life and legacy of Jordan A. Lewis, a graduate of Oral Roberts University, who fought a valiant battle against cancer and joined his Creator at the age of 23. Jordan’s unflinching, unyielding faith in Christ was apparent to all whom he came in contact with. He served the Lord pure heartedly, modeling Christ in all that he did.

As a college student, Jordan was part of the “Man Team,” a small team of young men who lived among a previously unreached tribe in Tanzania. Jordan was the first to volunteer to share the Gospel with the tribe. Emmanuel, a tribe member, received Christ that day. Jordan was the first to ever share the Gospel with him as well as give him the meaning of his name. Several others followed to receive Christ and a church was formed. A birthing clinic, built by the Man Team that same year, now doubles as a church on the weekends.

The Man Team leader the year Jordan went said, “Jordan was the first person to plant a seed…the forerunner, the person who broke ground.” It is the JLM team’s wish to send more forerunners, to break ground all over the world.

JLM supports teams focused on reaching those who have yet to hear about Jesus. Projects span the globe and include ChinaTanzaniaSoutheast AsiaIndia, the Middle EastPakistanBangladeshNorth Korea, and Muslims in NYC.

JLM is facilitated by King’s Park International Church in Durham, NC, Jordan’s home church for most of his life until moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma. Donations are tax deductible.


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