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Yesupadam Part 2

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be born into utter poverty or even slavery? Are life’s painful circumstances taking their toll on you? No matter how desperate your situation, there is hope, redemption and
forgiveness through Jesus Christ. Meet P. Yesupadam, born into the lowest segment of the Hindu Caste System in India. Prior to meeting Jesus Christ, Yesupadam, considered an “untouchable” was a devoted follower of Communist ideology, and was also an alcoholic and a murderer.

Whether or not your situation is as desperate as Yesupadam’s, know that anyone– from all walks of life, can call out for grace and mercy to the true Savior. Watch this life-changing Conversations with Ron Lewis and learn more about our compassionate & merciful Lord, who touched an “untouchable” like Yesupadam.

Actors Interview

Many Christians struggle to reconcile spirituality with their careers. Managing the balance between glorifying God and getting ahead in their jobs is a difficult one for sure. This episode of Conversations with Ron Lewis features individuals who are living in this tension in a real way in the arts and entertainment industry. Wherever you are – whatever God has called you to do, you can glorify God by being excellent both in your craft and in your character. Eric & Genelle Willanger and Josh Goodwin, all in the modeling and acting industry in New York City, and Robbie Fairchild of the NYC Ballet share their stories of how God has dramatically changed their lives, blessing them with a platform — in this Conversations with Ron and Lynette Lewis.

Josh Reinstein

2008 marks a special year for Israel as it celebrates the 60th anniversary of its founding as a nation in May 1948. Ever since, more than 7 million Jewish people from all over the world have returned to their former homeland and resurrected their ancient language. In 2007, King’s Park International Church was privileged to celebrate Israel’s 59th birthday with Mr. Josh Reinstein. Mr. Reinstein is the director of the “Christian Allies Caucus” of the Israeli Knesset, a group formed three and a half years ago as a mechanism of coordination between the leaders of Israel and Christian leaders around the world. Know more about the challenges and pressure faced by the whole nation of Israel and learn how you can stand in the gap. Watch this episode of Conversations with Pastor Ron, and be encouraged as God promises to bless those who bless the Jewish people!

Rev. Harald Bredesen

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you made a commitment to obey God with your entire life, no matter what He asks you to do?  Few men in recent history have modeled out what absolute obedience looks like than the late Rev. Harald Bredesen, who in the last few years of his life served as Pastor Ron Lewis’ close friend and mentor.  Starting out as a young minister with few prospects for success, Rev. Harald  committed his life over and over to the perfect will of God, no matter how difficult or frightening this decision was to make.  And God honored his obedience and commitment in an incredible way, using Bredesen to change the course of modern history.

Haiti Relief

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti – On Tuesday, January 12, 2010, the world’s attention was riveted on the island nation of Haiti. The massive earthquake that brought unimaginable destruction to the people of Haiti was something that would not be quickly forgotten. For Pastor Ron Lewis and his team, the events in Haiti struck closer to home. There was a team from King’s Park International Church that had just departed for Haiti to minister at an orphanage there. These four women landed in Port-au-Prince just one hour before the earthquake struck. Rising to the occasion, these four courageous women, Linda Graham, Former Haitian Missionary Kellee Metty, Lisa Lewis, and Julia Zervos went to a nearby hospital to offer their assistance. In the midst of great suffering and tragedy, God used these women powerfully to heal the sick, comfort the broken-hearted, and spread God’s love in a tangible way. Recorded at King’s Park International Church on January 17, 2010, this Conversation with Ron Lewis is an unforgettable story of how God can use anyone if they are in the right place at the right time, tune in to this conversation. To donate towards Ron Lewis’ efforts to send aid to the nation of Haiti, go to Strategic Global Initiatives.