Answering the Call

Understanding and Responding to the Call to Full-Time Ministry

This book is specifically written to bring greater understanding into what it means to do ministry professionally, as a career and full-time vocation. Along the way, most of us who have a relationship with Jesus wonder if this is for us. We wonder if He called us to do it, would we be willing to say “yes.”

It is definitely not for everyone, but if it is for you, I want to encourage you: God will come through for you! It will be challenging and at times deeply disappointing, but if you are doing this for Him, then you are in for the adventure of a lifetime!

Answering the Call is a down-to-earth book that will encourage and enlighten anyone looking at full-time ministry. Ron Lewis uses his personal life adventures and the stories of others to explore the call many feel on their lives. It is a great practical tool for anyone weighing the costs of full-time ministry.

Mart Green

Producer, Every Tribe Entertainment

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Respondiendo al Llamado

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Answering the Call – Chapter 1


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